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About logo design

What kind of thoughts do you conduct business? What is the future perspective? I can also visit your places where you are actually making things and services and do a thorough understanding of your company. Then we will start designing.

If you need to make a brand of company, service or product, we can make branding proposal with copywriter. Just by designing the logo, branding will not be completed.

After you have a logo, how about designing business cards, shop cards, examination tickets and so on?Other pamphlets and web site designs are also possible.

Budget for logo design

Fee for logo design

Production fee will change depending on whether you make a corporate logo or a logo of goods or services, but about 150,000 to 300,000 yen is taken as a guide.

Average distribution of logo design cost

Total creative

GROW UP is available for total creative

Since GROW UP performs various creatives besides logo design, it can be produced with one stop. In addition to designing cards including business cards, we also produce websites, company information, pamphlet designs and more.


Works of logo design

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GROW UP accepts various requests. As well as Design, you can consult about System development, Photography, Copywriting and so on.
Please feel free to contact us first.