Package design

The role of package design is to convey the characteristics of products and the brand’s worldview. First of all, by making the positioning of the product clear and determining the standing position, we can see the package design to be aimed. We just design the package looking at the market, not simply designing the appearance.

Package design

3 points of package design

First of all, by clarifying the positioning of the product in the user base and the market, you can see what strategy to sell the product. By doing so, we can see the design to be made.

The package design not only conveys the world of the brand but also has the role of constituting the world of the brand. Since the package is the face of the product, it is one of the most important communication to convey the concept of the brand and the product.

In the case of products with less advertisements, the package is the first point of contact between consumers and products. In that case, the package needs to have a role to convey what kind of features this product is and how good it is.

Budget for package design

Fee for package design

The package design of GROW UP varies depending on the situation before going into design. Positioning is clear, the direction to be aimed and copywriting is decided, the situation where nothing has been decided yet, or the development of series and the number of variations etc., the design fee will differ.

Average distribution of package design cost

Package design + Printing

About printing

If it will be sold in Japan, GROW UP is available for printing as well as design. But even when manufacturing and exporting packages in Japan, we may be able to respond according to each products.

Of course you can also request for design only.

Total creative

GROW UP is available for total creative

Since GROW UP performs various creatives besides package design, it can be produced with one stop. In addition to copywriting and steel shooting related to package design, it is possible to provide consistent creative for branding, such as creating websites, creating pamphlets, POPs, movies of product usage images.


Works of package design

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