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GROW UP’s way of thinking

Nice to meet you, we are GROW UP

We make designs to reach to your end users.

Commercial design is not an art like a picture decorating at home but one way for your business to grow up. We always have professional eyes and also as a user. We will provide creatives with thinking about how end users feel.

Love in design

By deeply understanding the client’s products and services, and loving it, we will be able to make designs with love.So We don’t feel like we are enforced. By designing with love, awareness is born. We believe new ideas come from loving.

GROW UP’s hybrid style

GROW UP ’s creating style

merit and demerit of freelance

It is a merit of freelance creators that can respond flexibly to production requirements, but there are demerits to freelance as well. You can not know design quality of freelance, unless you order. The response quality such as the response speed and the common sense of working people. Moreover, the risk that it will be difficult to continue the project due to sudden illness or accident.

GROW UP is made up of carefully selected freelancers with production quality with certain production quality and quality of correspondence. And since GROW UP is doing the production with the team, there is no system inconvenience to the client because there is a system to support even if accident happens to the creator in charge.

merit and demerit of Production company

By accumulating the production know-how so far, they can respond smoothly to cases of experienced industries and specialty genres. However, as the resources are fixed, employees will respond to any case, so the contents of inexperienced projects may not always be able to expect high production quality and correspondence quality. Also, if employees themselves are not highly conscious of themselves, there is a possibility that new ideas are less likely to be born with immobilized projects.

In order to live freelance, we can not live unless we have high consciousness as each employer, as well as design skills. So, freelance creators need to constantly have high sensitivity, as there is no guarantee of life.

GROW UP is a freelance creator with such a high consciousness that can flexibly organize optimal teams according to the content of the project.

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GROW UP accepts various requests. As well as Design, you can consult about System development, Photography, Copywriting and so on.
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