Photo shooting

A veteran photographers who continues to be active in the front lines of the Japanese advertising industry will shoot. In addition, at GROW UP, the director will accompany the shooting and will also direct the shooting for getting better. We shoot goods according to various purposes such as products, facilities such as companies and schools, shops, director and staff shooting, seminars and event shooting etc.

About photo shooting

Photography menu

Below is just an example. We do not shoot for individuals. We shoot only commercial shooting.

We will shoot for posters and brand visuals. For advertising purposes, retouching is important as well as shooting.

In addition to showing the buildings and facilities beautifully, we will shoot a lot of charm, including the lively look of the staff there.

We also do shooting of gifts such as gems and watches, which require high technology, as well as showing products more attractive.

We are good at arranging semi-professional and amateur models. We also arrange for hair makeup and stylist as well. (only Japanese)

A photographer specializing in food photographs delicious dish pictures. Not only shooting but also cooking researchers, food stylists, can be arranged.

We do shooting not only in various parts of Japan but also overseas.

When shooting in public places such as parks and roads, it is necessary to take photographing permission. We can get permission of Japan only.

Depending on the shooting content, we will arrange the necessary studio. Cheap enough studio, huge studio, etc. can be arranged according to purpose.

We arrange interior and exterior house studio according to purpose.

Instead of shooting as just a record, we will do high-quality shooting that can be used for advertising photos as it is.

With drone shooting, shooting with a viewpoint that was difficult to shoot up to now is also possible. We are also good at drone shooting.

Along with still shooting, movie shooting / production can be handled at the same time. For details on movie shooting, please click here.

Budget for photo shooting

Fee for Photography

It will be 짜60,000 for a half day restraint and 짜120,000 for a day restraint. Other expenses such as transportation expenses, overhead expenses, models and studio arrangements, assistants and hair makeup may be added depending on the shooting content.

Average distribution of Photo shooting cost

Total creative

GROW UP is available for total creative

As the designer takes the direction, taking photographs with development in various media in mind, the design creation after photo shooting is smooth as well.


Works of Photography

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GROW UP accepts various requests. As well as Design, you can consult about System development, Photography, Copywriting and so on.
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