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When creating a website, it is important to rank it high in SEO measures, and it is also important to have rich contents, beautiful appearance, easy-to-understand UI, and ease of management for subsequent operation. GROW UP’s website designing works to achieve the client’s goals and issues while considering the balance according to the budget. You can also request localization and EC site production for Japanese.



  • Design from three perspectives


    We design not only from a client’s perspective and a designer’s perspective, but also from the end user’s perspective. When designing a website, we always examine it from three perspectives.
    : Does it convey the message you want to convey?
    : Does it have good usability?
    : Does it look beautiful?

  • Responsive design


    GROW UP uses a responsive design that it easy to operate with a single HTML as standard. Although it depends on the purpose of the website, we design it with a smartphone first approach, with the priority being that it will be viewed on smartphones, which are currently more commonly used than PCs.

  • Coding is beautiful too


    GROW GROW UP’s website production includes not only design but also beautiful grammar markup. Markup with beautiful grammar is not only beneficial for SEO, but also makes screen display faster and more comfortable.



With WordPress
Easy website operation

WordPress has an overwhelming CMS share in the world. By incorporating WordPress, you can edit and update your website without any HTML knowledge. Furthermore, WordPress has various plugins. This makes it possible to create websites with low development costs. Of course, we can also handle customization and individual development according to your requests.

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GROW UP’s website production is not estimated based on a simple price per page. Estimate the amount of man-hours required for production. If you are looking to keep costs as low as possible, we will propose the best plan to suit your budget.

Average budget for website production

You can order all inclusive

In addition to website design and production, we can also handle creative work to enhance content, such as video production, still photography, and copywriting. In addition to website production, we also do a variety of creative projects, so we can handle multimedia in one stop.

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