UI design

Before the introduction of smartphones, I have been designing websites not only for the beauty of appearance but also for users’ screen transitions and usability. As I majored in architecture, designing the detail while looking at the whole, or designing the whole while looking at details has been doing design as a natural thought.

About UI designer

UI designer

As a freelance web designer for many years, I have worked on various web production projects. My major was architecture, therefore, before the term UX design was born, I designed it as a matter of course to imagine how the design there is to experience the user.

About door

Is it right open, left open? Push or pull? Of course the material and coloring thought of the interior. Even one door thinks which one is easier to use for the owner for that door.

UI design…
About button

Is it good to be on the right, on the left? How size is it easy to tap? What color would you like to tap? Even one button is designed considering the user’s psychology.

Our UI design

Good genre of UI design

We have designed various UI including web design, smartphone application, web application, DVD menu screen. We are good at UI design such as business, service, SNS and management system. The design of the game application may be not good as there is not much experience. However create with flat design and illustration production will be possible.

Things to be able to design UI

Scope of UI design offering

Regarding UI design, it is also possible to respond to partial requests as well as all correspondence to delivery of design data, delivery of front end coding data, or upload to the store. If you are looking for a freelance UI designer, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to create an entire application.

Total creative

GROW UP is available for total creative

Since GROW UP performs various creatives besides UI design, it can be produced with one stop. Not only UI design, illustration production, animation production, even product design can be handled.


Works of UI design

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GROW UP accepts various requests. As well as Design, you can consult about System development, Photography, Copywriting and so on.
Please feel free to contact us first.