Video production

GROW UP has various video creators. It is possible to shoot inexpensively with easy equipment, to produce movies at low prices, and under the experienced video director who also serves as an assistant director of the movie, high quality movie production is also possible. Furthermore, it is possible to produce 3DCG animation as well as live action.

Video production

Double directors system of GROW UP

In the field of design, two people, director who has many business experiences and director who is familiar with the movie, video industry, will direct the production of video production. In addition to hearing requests firmly, as well as when you do not have a specific request, we will draw out requests by making various samples and suggestions.

About video production

Video uses are various

The following is an example. The way to use of video is infinite. We will respond to various requests.

We can tell clearly what kind of company it is for business customers or for recruitment, and can improve the image.

By explaining with video, you can get easy and deep understanding.

There are things that can only be done with video, such as communicating the brand’s view of the world or using concrete methods of them.

Videos are the best way to convey the view of the world of the application and how to use it.

Like an application, by showing the world view of the game, operability, actions etc., it stimulates playfulness.

Not to mention TVCF, webCM to set up a topic, videos are always the strongest advertisement.

It helps to raise the motivation of the company as well as helping understanding such as customer’s voice and employee interview.

Products and services that require advanced knowledge in charge are solved by using videos as sales tools.

In addition to eliminating the cost of paper, video manuals improve customer satisfaction as well as clarity.

If you create a movie as a record, you can use it as a next announcement tool.

Video will tell the place and people attractive. Dynamic video production is also possible using drone.

It is a signboard that shows videos. You can also PR in the picture what you can not tell on the poster.

Budget for video production

Fee for video production

Since the amount of money changes greatly depending on the contents of animation production, please feel free to contact us.

Average distribution of video production cost

Available only movie shooting or editing

Either shooting and editing is also possible

Since editing is done by yourself, you would like to ask shooting, or you already have video materials, so you only need editing, etc. We respond flexibly to your request.

We will respond flexibly to the limited budget, so please feel free to contact us first.

Total creative

GROW UP is available for total creative

We also do things before video production, that is, design of the product itself, package design, application development. Since the principal who makes it makes the direction of movie production, it is possible to produce video very smoothly.


Works of video production

Contact to GROW UP

Please feel free to contact us

GROW UP accepts various requests. As well as Design, you can consult about System development, Photography, Copywriting and so on.
Please feel free to contact us first.